Eva Mendes, Margaret Roach, And Other Famous People in Your Twitter Feeds

I do the twitter thing. For me, it’s like texting. I text constantly (my kids are in their 20s, it’s necessary). It’s just that sometimes, I text using twitter.

I don’t twitter to promote my business because I don’t have a business.

I do twitter to promote my blog, although, I’ll admit, it’s a #twitterfail.

I do twitter to chat with my nieces and girlfriends.

I do retweet occasional articles or pics that I think are cool. Honestly, not often.

So, I find it strange when some random famous person starts following me. I don’t find it stange when some random non-famous person follows me, because I follow all sorts of non-famous people. When I see someone with 10 followers (or less), I feel so bad for them that I follow them. I assume they return the favor.

But, when a person with 80K followers shows up in my email as now following you! I’m thinking, why?

Ex: Today, an unnamed famous person started following me. He has 79.3k followers. Here’s what his twitter bio said (so you can figure out who he is, so much for the “unnamed”):

NY Times Bestseller- # 1 scifi bestsellers: Area 51 & Atlantis, Green Beret series, Feeder of Cool Gus & Sassy Becca, Former Green Beret, West Pointer, Whatever

I’ll give him the “Whatever” tagline. Way cool. It works because of the whole NY times bestseller, Former Green Beret, West Pointer, oh-by-the-way resume fillers. Imagine if it said, “Bricklayer, Beer drinker, Belly dancer, Whatever.”  Just not the same. I’ll assume he has a good marketing team.

So, why is this guy following me? Does he read the wife my blog in bed? Is he also wondering what size romper SJ will wear in April when she makes her debut at daycare?

Or, is he selling something?

Digging further into his bio, I discover that he teaches writer conferences and, coincidence, just over the hill from me in Knoxville, TN. Ah. Twitter mystery solved. He’s following me because I’m a writer who lives close enough to attend his conferences.

Well, he’s cute. He was a Green Beret, and evidently, he’s a good writer. So, it’s tempting. But, I’ll have to pass.


Because the season, the garden season that is, is just about to launch.

Customers and clients will be frenzied. Is it too late to get that peony or hydrangea in the ground? Drat, they should have planted it last fall, and not left it in the garage all winter. Such are the dilemmas I get to delight in, and, it’s not too late for either, but possibly a bit early for both.

I’m debating over summer bulbs, myself (and tubers, and corms…). I am in love with begonias and canna lilies. Since wintry precip is called for again tonight, I can take my time savoring the decision of one or both (and stay snuggled under my covers).

(By the way, for reliable and interesting garden info, use Margaret Roach at A Way to Garden. She’s got great podcasts. If you don’t know her, definitely check out her links. She is knowledgeable, and just plain fun. You can follow her twitter feed here.)

At any rate, it did not help my canna fascination to see this today.

Ikebana with burgundy cana lilies, done by Lynn Forbes, Asheville, NC

Ikebana with burgundy cana lilies, done by Lynn Forbes, Asheville, NC

I am writing an article on Ikebana, and got to watch with the ladies of the local Asheville chapter, as they prepared for an exhibit tonight. It was fascinating to hear their critiques of one another, which is part of the process. but scares me to death. I loved them all. No critiquing from me.

Anyway, I had just heard Margaret Roach talk about red cannas yesterday, and now this.

Here are a few more pics, just to make your heart happy.

image (9)

Did not get the name of this artist, but loved the container with the basket weave and draping white tulips.

image (10)

Done by Terri Ellis Todd, the teacher

image (11)

Waiting on the 3rd element, the dog hobble and Asiatic lily are pretty by themselves, but three is traditional. Also the placement of the elements in the container speaks to what season it is. This one says spring, even if these lilies are summer bloomers..

So, twitter mystery solved. Ikebana article almost done. winter jammies back on (after a small spring teaser), and one last thought on the wonder of famous persons  showing up in your twitter (or other social media) feed. Eva Mendes once liked a pin of mine on Pinterest. When that showed up in my email, I really didn’t care why. I just savored the moment.

Rainbows, Boring Days, and Women’s Roles in Church

I am feeling particularly healthy after last night’s sad tale of a meal. Today I ate a pint of blueberries and a bag of low-sodium almonds. And, I had a Starbucks tea with only a little sugar, and a little lemonade. I feel a Blizzard coming on after such a healthy day.

It was a rather uneventful day. I went to church. It was boring. But, I’ve already noted my thoughts on church, so I won’t get too far into that now. We’ll just leave it with boring. And no women served in any position AT ALL.  I was going to leave that comment out of this post, but well, here I go. So, what’s up with that? I mean what century are we in? Listen, I’m not all about women being pastors, mainly because I never felt called to be one. So, in typical Cinthia fashion, if it doesn’t affect me then I just can’t get interested.

But, come on. I mean a church full of suits running the show? There were no women greeters, no women taking up the offering, no women handing out the programs, nothing. I have to admit I got out my Windows phone out, and checked my hair dresser’s facebook status to see if she is headed back to work anytime soon. She just had a baby, and I am dying over here. Turns out she was in church having her little one baptized. I am thinking my hair was not on her mind.

Then I ran through my Twitter feed to see if anything interesting was going there. There wasn’t. Then, I decided that I was sitting in church, I should listen. But, I got distracted by the lady in front of me whose hair really looked good, and I considered texting Anna about my hair. Scoff if you like, but Anna would have understood and likely responded back if she had not been dealing with a toddler and an infant in church. And, probably tons of family who came for the baptism. See why she’s my hairstylist? She gets it.

And, if you’ve made it this far into this post, then congratulations, because really, how random can you get? This is why I love blogging. Nobody would publish this mind-numbing diatribe, but here it is posted on the internet for all the world to read.

So, onto the whole women in the pulpit thing. I realize that Scripture does not sway too much in the direction of women preachers, and I am a Scripture girl, but I also know that several people I respect (Anne Graham Lotz) and my friend, Karen, who is now a pastor, have studied the Scriptures and determined that Scripture supports women in that role. So, I’m going with them on this one. And, I like seeing women in leadership roles at church. It makes me happy. All those men in gray, drab suits put me to sleep. They look like they belong in the mafia.

I felt like I was ten years old again watching the men in my home church pass along the offering plates, open the doors at the end of the service, shake hands all around and generally run things. I didn’t like it at age 10, and I don’t like it now. It isn’t because I have an issue with men. I don’t. I just prefer to see church all mixed up. Women, children, men, people of all persuasions and race. Church should be a big rainbow of people, not men in gray suits. At least, that is my version of happy church.  I like it when we’re all worshiping together equally. This place felt like a man’s club that allowed the women in for this one day out of the week and we best behave while there. I found myself whispering to the other women.

I really do believe that every denomination has it a bit right, and every denomination has it a bit wrong. The church I attended today, I believe, has it a bit wrong on the issue of women in church roles. They did, however, nail the music.

And, in the spirit of oneness–no names regarding which church it is.

Looking for Home at Downtown Abbey

So, here’s my new blog. Since I hate the whole design aspect of blogging and really only like the writing part, I left it exactly as the WordPress folks gave it to me. After about 30 seconds of serious “design thought” on my part, and trying to navigate through the “themes” and “backgrounds” available, I gave up and started writing.

If you have followed my other blog, South Turkey Creek Notes, you’ll know that I left the farm almost exactly a year ago–at the insistence of the ex who now resides there with the new mistress of the manor–and moved about an hour away. Since then, my foremost thought (aside from wondering when I will EVER LOSE these stupid ten pounds) has been, “Where’s home now?” A very potent question and one I have not answered as of yet. Hence the name of the new blog. I am nothing if not original.

That’s why I kept the picture (header) that came with the blog address. If I am looking for a new home, why not something akin to Downtown Abbey? Preferably without that awful O’Brien woman or Mary who just can’t seem to be nice to Edith no matter how well her world is going. I admit to being smitten with the show, having caught up on all three seasons on my Kindle. Everyone wants their own tribe and Downtown Abbey captures that need for kinfolk, whether they be servants or Her Ladyship. I’ll go for a walk and find myself wishing I had an Anna that I could confide in, or a Dowager that could impart wisdom to my circumstances (love how she handled Ethel’s dour situation), or a Carson to tell me I am his favorite. That show works because under one very big roof there is a community of people who love, support, comfort and confide in one another. And, they do it with impeccable manners and fantastic clothing.

So, I’m looking for a home. The old one is gone, along with its gardens and old logging roads that I spent hours walking on, and I have no idea where the new one will be, but I might as well dream of Downtown Abbey while I search.