You’re Just the Prettiest Thing

Angelina jolie

Angelina jolie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People are always telling each other how pretty they look or how beautiful they are in that outfit, etc. Well, men don’t normally go around saying things like that, but women do that a lot.

And, here’s what I wonder. Really?

I hate to say it, but most of America is not attractive, and I am including myself here. My son and I were people watching the other day and well, it was not a pretty sight. There wasn’t one person I’d have walked up too and gone on and on about how good they looked. Not one. (We were on the streets of Brevard, not a metropolis, but very busy-tourist in the summer time.)

So, that got me to thinking. When we say things like that to one another (and I am the worst for it), are we sincere? Are we just talking and not thinking about it, like on auto pilot? Because I can hear myself saying that right now. Do I mean it?

Well, yes, I do. That’s when it hit me. We walk around with veils over our eyes. Veils of love, like, admiration, respect, joy, laughter, you name it. We do mean it when we say that because when we see a person we see THEM, not just what they look like. Some of the people in my life that I deem the prettiest would not win any beauty contest, yet to my eyes, they could. We’re seeing the light in their eyes, the laughter in their hearts. And, thank God for it because after my day of people-watching, I am like WOW NELLY.

But, it continues (I know, I know). We see ourselves as attractive too. Even if, we know that technically we are not Angelina Jolie or whomever fits our bill of prettiness. Even if we are super aware of our flaws (bow-legged, thank you) or our short-comings (shortest one in my family), we are able to look past all the aging, and awkwardness that our looks can sometimes bring us and believe that actually, we’re not that bad. And, what a blessing, because if we believed the media we’d all stay home and never show our faces.

So, then I started thinking even more (yep, she never stops). What if our ability to see into someone’s heart and see them and not the flesh and blood they walk around in, is a glimpse of heaven? What if we’re seeing what that person will look like in eternity? I mean, Scripture says we will have resurrected and perfect bodies. So, what if those perfect bodies are what we see now through the eyes of love?

How cool is that people?