Star Wars VII: My Fan Theory

This past Christmas week my family gathered at my house, and Star War’s fan theory was the topic for most of the week, primarily the potential love interest. I never heard so much blah, blah, blah over who would end up with whom. I finally piped up and said what I thought. I sort of stunned them with my brilliance, but won them over with my theory.

So, my fan theory on the love interest of the new characters introduced to us in Star Wars VII.

It’s simple. Ray and Kylo Wren.

Fan Theory Point Number 1:

I’ll start with the pause. That moment when Kylo Wren took off his mask at Ray’s request. That moment lasted enough time for me to think: Oh, they’ll end up together. Not a big surprise. How many times has a good girl tried to save a bad boy and a bad boy tried to turn a good girl bad? Oldest plot line in the world.

Her expression summed it up. She expected a face twisted with evil, but instead she saw a young man with soft features and nice eyes. She looked surprised but also attracted. He takes his mask off for her and the audience is also caught off guard. This sort of blew the whole climatic bridge scene with his dad, Harrison Ford. As a movie go-er I would have preferred the big reveal during the bridge scene, but Kylo removing it for her just makes the whole moment thing a definite.

Fan Theory Point Number 2:

For a spoiled rotten villain who pitches temper tantrums and doesn’t mind mass murder and torture, his treatment of Ray is almost touching. He carries her like a damsel in distress. He does not allow her to be tortured (unlike Poe), and he is her interrogator. During the interrogation, he tries to connect with her, offering comforting words regarding the force. And finally, in their battle scene, for a guy who is trained in the force, whose family is practically the force, whose Uncle and Grandfather are famous in the force, he pretty much lets her win. Come on, there’s no way this guy couldn’t have destroyed her no matter how much the force was with her. He even offers to train her in the force.

Ray already has the makings of a girl who will go a long way towards helping a guy she’ll see as a victim of the dark side and not a convert. And Kylo Wren? He is already smitten. Done deal for him.

So, there is it. My fan theory. As my dad used to say, bad boys and good girls will always be drawn to each other.

(Some credit goes to my son, Joffrey Bagwell, who wrote a three page draft of the points I outlined above. Clearly, he is obsessed.)