Everything is Okay (until it’s not)

Everyday, I bring my thoughts back to one point. What is my life? And, how do I live it? Of course, like everyone, I see myself as something special, i.e. I am always anticipating my life to change and suddenly be spectacular. Like, before I know it, I will be making be-coups of money. Or, I’ll wake up skinny. Or I’ll go on a missions trip, and save the world, and people will write books about my life. Or, maybe I’ll just travel in the South of France. Although, my friend, Kristi, says it is horrible there, so maybe not. But you get the picture.

I wonder sometimes, if this hovering idea that my life will take a sudden change for the dramatically fantastic, is simply hope. All of us work,  dream, hope, for the betterment of our lives, and if we have them, our children’s lives. So, perhaps that’s all it is. But, I have a feeling it borders more on the delusional.

Well, that gives us something to ponder.

My faith, through the words of Scripture, tell me to learn contentment in all circumstances. Notice, oh ye skeptics, that it does not say I cannot improve my circumstances. It simply says that learning contentment is great gain. Whether in need or in plenty, learning to be satisfied is good. Here’s the thing: life can turn on a dime. So, even if I did have a suddenly spectacular life, how long do I keep it? There’s the rub. There are so many things we don’t have control over, and when those things rear their heads, there isn’t always a fix. This is the part where we examine what life looks like now, and live that. We might look for our new lives among the rubble, but where else are you going to look?

So, back to the first thing I said. This is the life I’ve been given. How do I live it? You can argue with the word given because sometimes we are living the life we got ourselves into, or the life someone else devastatingly left us with, or the life we felt we had no choice about due to poverty or ignorant parents or whatever. And, all of that mixed up together in a bag and tossed around like salad is true. But, it doesn’t change the fact that you still have to live the life you have each day. Regardless of how you got it.

Okay, you’re getting the point. I don’t need to go on. The life you have is the only life you can live. So live that one well, until it changes. And, it will change. Then live the new life well.

I heard a guy sing a song he wrote the other night titled, “Everything’s okay, until its not.”  Not, “Everything’s okay until its better.” The not better is far more likely than the better. So enjoy the better before its not.