Restless Leg Syndrome, a Yoga Fix

This is me doing Leg Up the Wall Pose

(my blankets are a little off, and Cindy, the yoga teacher is a little weird about her blankets, just sayin…)

I’ve been asked many times how I deal with my restless leg syndrome, which is fairly bad. People are always surprised when I say I do yoga and that the pose I do is actually quite simple. So, I’m posting it for anyone who has the same trouble and would like to try.

This pose has a fancy name. It’s called: Legs Up The Wall. Yoga is nothing if not descriptive in naming the poses. If you want to know the sanskrit, it is Viparita Karani.

So, here’s what you do. Don’t be intimated. It is super easy, although yoga always requires a steady concentration, so don’t be slack in the pose. Do it as described and right before bedtime. For the more detailed person I have listed step-by-step procedures. For the person like myself who can never follow instructions, skip the instructions and read the summary below

I’m giving you Cindy’s instructions from her book. I’ll ask her later if that’s okay.
1. Place a bolster or two firm blankets at the wall.

2. Sit sideways on the edge of the bolster or blankets, with your left hip touching the wall.

3. Bend your legs and lay your right shoulder on the floor and your right hip on the support.

4. Roll your chest toward the ceiling and move your legs up the wall.

5. Adjust your body so both shoulders are touching the floor.

6. Balance your hips on the support. Relax your face (i.e. breath).

7. Rest, breathe, be.

8. If you can’t get your legs up the wall, move the blankets out away from the wall a bit and try again.

9. To come out of the pose, bend your knees and place your feet on the wall.

10. Gently push your body away from the wall until your hips are on the floor.

11. Bend your knees and roll to your side.

12. Wait for several breaths, then sit up.

If you’re not into details, I’ll shorten this for you.Grab two firm blankets or a bolster and place at the baseboard of the wall. Sit half your butt on the blankets, then roll yourself over into a position where you legs are straight up on the wall and your back is on the floor, butt supported by the blankets. If this hurts, back the whole procedure out from the wall somewhat until you’re comfortable. If your neck hurts, add a small pillow under your neck for support.

Stay in the pose a good five minutes and voila, no restless legs. At least it works for me. Good luck, and buy Cindy’s book, Yoga Your Way, you’ll love it.Cinthia

2 thoughts on “Restless Leg Syndrome, a Yoga Fix

  1. ewww, RLS. Me too. Magnesium is essential for muscles to relax – most people are deficient. B6 is essential for magnesium to absorb. Take a good quality magnesium tablet with either B6 or a B-complex. You will sleep LIKE A ROCK. I promise.

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