Looking for My Goals

As in, I literally lost the paper I wrote my goals on. The pastor of the church I attend said we should write down our goals. So, I did. (Btw, I don’t belong to that church, I just attend that church. I can’t bring myself to join any church at the moment, and I know you’re dying to know why. I’ll write a post on that later. Just FYI.)

Anyway, the pastor, my youngest calls him “Bruce-eh,” (like the shark in Finding Nemo), writes a blog. Hit the pause button here. How on earth does he have time to do that? I mean that church has like,10 billion people, and he has got to be crazy busy. If I have more than three things on my to-do list, I am just lost. I end up at Moe’s eating burritos, and procrastinating, and checking Facebook on my phone.

Anyway (again), the pastor writes a blog, and one of his posts was on goals. He said to write down your goals, doing your umbrella goal first. That’s your reason for being alive. For me, that one was easy. To know Jesus better, and to reveal him to others.

The whole reason for the goal writing is to formulate a plan. And hopefully, by the end of the year, you can review your goals, and see what you’ve accomplished (or not). It is a great idea, and would be wonderful, if I could remember where I put my goals.

But, I digress.

Next, you develop your primary goals, keeping them to a year’s time frame. For example, one of mine was to earn what I need to pay bills this year. I realize that is pretty much a given, but in today’s economy, that is not as easy as it sounds. If I have discovered anything returning to the job market, its that making money is hard.

I was so naive. I’ll get a job, I thought. I’ll earn my way, I mused. Ha. Notice the word earn in my goal. In other words, this year, I aim not to steal the money. (You think I kid.)

To continue: do ten of these primary goals. Think in 2s: 2 financial, 2 personal, 2 family/friends, 2 physical, 2 spiritual.

After you do your ten primary goals, get specific on how you’ll achieve them. Like, No more stealing, its an honest wage from here on out.

Okay, Okay, I’ll get serious. I actually said, to earn X amount of money from my writing to offset household bills, and not dig (yes, its dig in my case, not dip) into savings. 

Let’s recap:

Umbrella Goal:

1. To know Jesus better, and to reveal him to others.

Primary Goal:

2. To earn the money I need to pay bills this year.

One Step Toward Accomplishing that Goal:

3. Focus on my writing career in addition to my day job, earning X amount of money.

Have you got all that? Good. Now, one last thing. After you write them down, put them someplace you remember.

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