Half Way Through My Sleep Fest; Stop Yakking about Spring; Stealing Back my Itoh Peony

I’m a little more than halfway through my sleep fest, which started Jan 1, and will end whenever Spring decides to make it official. Generally speaking, I’m back at work by late March or early April. It’s been as early as March 15th when, one year, temperatures reached 80 degrees. This caused great concern, and folks were in a dither to get their spring plants. They needn’t have been. In April of the same year, we had a straight two weeks of freezing temperatures. They were back in May replacing dead plant purchases. Such is the dang garden. Iffy, at best.

But, due to the extreme winter weather we’re having, everyone but me is hollering for Spring. So, here’s what I have to say on that subject: STOP YAKKING ABOUT SPRING.

It will get here soon enough, and all your yammering might, oh, I don’t know, cause the gods of spring to spring forth. Hush yourselves. Some of us are still sleeping (me). Are you trying to wish your life away?

Heck. Enjoy the upcoming snow (if indeed it comes), the blustery winds, the frigid temperatures. It’s a chance to sit by the fire or curl up under a blanket and, oh, let me think, do nothing. Hey. I am all for that. When spring does come, its back to 12 hour, fast-paced days, which I love, but don’t mind postponing while the snow falls, and I snooze. So, pipe down, people. No more Facebook posts begging spring to come. The spring gods are still asleep, and so am I. Let’s leave it that way, for now.

And, there’s this.

I haven’t finished all my winter events. I don’t like to call them projects. That sounds like work. They’re events. This week’s event was washing the windows. And, getting my tax info to the tax accountant. (Might I digress here, and say that everyone should have to write a check for their taxes each year like I do. Why, you ask? Because trust me, when you are writing a check for several thousand (or several tens of thousand) dollars to an institution that can’t manage its money any better than you can manage yours, well, voting takes on a whole new meaning.)

Anyway, one of my winter events involves my Itoh peony, pictured below in full bloom, around early June. It’s a cross between an herbaceous peony and a tree peony. That means, a wider range of bloom colors, and a sturdier plant. No flopping in the mud like the typical garden peonies. This one was planted on the bank of the flower market for me by Ben, who was bored that day and loves to plant anything. (Ben is presently working at Great Dixter, with Fergus Garrett, in the Tropical Garden. We miss you Ben! Tell Fergus hello, and take tons of pictures, please.)

I bought this particular peony, and decided to plant it at the flower market, because that’s where I was all the time. That way, I would not miss it blooming. I didn’t, and it was glorious, as the picture shows. Covered in blooms.


Kopper Kettle Itoh Peony, I plan to steal it back….

Here’s the event. The flower market isn’t going to reopen. (Don’t worry, it was a two year experiment that failed, and I’m back at the mother store.) But the folks who leased the property for the flower market now believe that Itoh peony is theirs. Au contraire. That plant was bought and paid for by me. And, as important, planted by Ben. The event? Break into the flower market, and dig up my peony. Well, I still have keys, so it isn’t officially breaking and entering, right?

I was going to climb over the fence, but then I remembered the keys.

Too bad Ben isn’t here because he’d help me. Ben is nothing if not particular about doing the right thing. Instead, I’ll take my friend, Debbie, who will likely pee on herself from giggling. I expect it to be quite the night. I will keep you posted.

See? So many more events to do, and so much sleep to catch up on. Spring is faithful. She’ll make her appearance. But until then, I’ll be dreaming about yellow peonies while sleeping by the fire. Shhhhh…..

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