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In Defense of Beth Moore (and a few other Bible Teachers)

Today, I was encouraged by something Beth Moore wrote. Then I forgot what it was (within like five minutes, geez) so I googled her to see if I could find that statement again. Dear Jesus. People do not like that woman. Or, at least, some don’t. Some probably like her a bit too much judging by their response to those who don’t like her. This was all blog talk. Theology this and that. Big hair this and that. Texas this and that. Southern this and that. Women this and that. She gave up her son…what you’re really going to go there? Turns out Christianity Today isn’t too big on her (well, since they don’t like her!), and some woman in Wisconsin broke up with her.

I will pause here to give thanks to the Lord that He did not see fit to make me Beth Moore. I would kill a couple of people. Or, I’d send my big Texan husband to kill them.

At any rate, I did find Beth Moore’s statement. It was Faith can be work. Love can be labor. And, hope can get long. Amen, Sister.

Some of her haters are theologians who specialize in discrediting everyone but themselves. I’ve done some of her studies, just like I’ve done Bible Study Fellowship and Kay Arthur and Anne Graham Lotz and Kelly Minter and well, all sorts of studies, including Sunday School lessons and extensive note taking during my pastor’s sermons. And while none of them have turned me into a Biblical know-it-all, all of them have encouraged me along the way, which is huge because the way has been hard. Very hard. And, I could use some encouraging. And, that seems to be the real talent of Bible teachers in my life, to point me back to Christ, and his faithfulness, and to encourage me on my journey.

Every year I go with my precious roommate from college to Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove and spend the weekend being taught by Anne Graham Lotz. I’ll be honest. I don’t really remember what she teaches me. But, I come away encouraged, equipped, and believing that I know a God who cares about me. Read that again. I come away knowing that I know a God who cares about me.

That’s what I need to be taught again and again–the Lord Loves Me.

Sometimes, I wonder why, when doing so many Bible studies, that I can’t remember half of what I learned. I think it’s because I am not there to learn something just to make me Bible-smart. I am truly desperate for God. I am listening, not for crazy theological insights, but for God himself to tell me, I love you Cinthia, and I have not forgotten you. I’ll fill in any blank I’m asked too if the Lord will whisper that in my ear.

You see, Jesus better be real, or I am up the proverbial creek. I need the Lord. I need him to show up each day because I am terrified of life without him in it. Sometimes I wonder if I am whacked out to believe in someone I have never seen. And, to be so dependent on that someone. Literally, Jesus is first in my life and my heart not because I am a spiritual guru, but because there is no one or nothing else to compete. I have no husband, or enormous savings account–the two things that would likely keep me pretty independent. Consequences and circumstances have played out that I do life alone, mostly, and that is pretty scary. And, no before you go there, that does not make me prey for Bible teachers. I am pretty discerning and when I hear something that just sounds off, I know it. I don’t agree with every teacher or preacher. I don’t have too for them to encourage me, and remind me that I am loved and remembered by God. I need the reminder as much as I need Nicole C. Mullen, singing at the top of her lungs, that Jesus will move heaven and earth to come rescue me when I call. I hope he moves heaven and earth because I can’t.

Today, my pastor talked about trials and suffering, and how we best prepare for them because we will have them. He had us in 1 Peter. And, I don’t remember everything the man said, but I know that, after the sermon, I felt God had spoken to my heart. That he had reminded me, come the inevitable suffering and heartache, that he was there. And boy, do I need to hear that because while Beth Moore may not have it all right, she’s got one thing right. Faith can feel like work, love can be laborious, and hope seem pretty dang long. And, I need the encouragement. So, thanks for taking the time, Beth Moore, to encourage me. It is appreciated.



7 thoughts on “In Defense of Beth Moore (and a few other Bible Teachers)

  1. Thank you for writing this. I love your blog, and I love what you wrote. It is so sad that people are out to destroy teachers and preachers. We seem to forget that they are human and make mistakes too. How do I know this? Because I live with a pastor (and one with a doctorate in theology at that). Don’t get me wrong I am so proud of him, his thirst for knowledge, for more of Jesus. He is a truly an inspiration to me; I should be more like him. I should study more. I know this and strive to do it, but I also realize that he is human and makes mistakes just like I do. Don’t put preachers and teachers on a pedestal, but give them the respect they deserve; God has put them in the place they are in. If you don’t agree with what they say then don’t listen to them anymore, but don’t bash them. Actually before you bash you better get in your Bible and check to see if perhaps they might be right! I have been to many Beth Moore conferences and have done many of her studies. She has helped me and pointed me to things that I did not know. In fact, she always encourages me in many ways. So to you, Beth, my husband and all other preachers and teachers, keep preaching and teaching the true Word of God until He calls you home. Thanks Cinthia!

    Mary Milner (Kim’s wife)

    • Mary, hi. Thanks for writing this. I forget that Pastors come under attack all the time, and weekly. They, probably more than anyone else, feel the heat!

  2. Oh, Beth Moore! Big hair, big mouth, big teeth, from the big state. I myself love/hate her. But I have done a few of her studies, and I will probably do a few more. I think the best lesson we can learn from her is simply her passion for her Savior. Don’t you think she makes God happy? Don’t you think He gets a kick out of her? We all need to have a little more fun like Beth Moore.

  3. I learned a very interesting lesson this last year. For one to learn to stand firm, quietly, and two, not everyone is your friend and that some friendships are conditional. Conditional upon the fact that if you don’t believe what they believe, they no longer have a use for you. I was treated poorly by someone who didn’t like a Beth Moore Bible study that I facilitated at our church awhile back. This individual, in a leadership role, didn’t acknowledge me for a year, pushed me away when I tried to hug her and acted as if she didn’t even know me. When she found out I was going to do the study she tried desperately to convince me that Beth Moore wasn’t scriptural. I tried to not laugh out loud because anyone that does a Moore study knows that these studies are Christ focused and scripture is it’s foundation. My friend tried to tell me that Beth takes things out of context. There are many interpretations of scripture and my friend has a habit of believing in one thing only and not thinking outside the box. She has what you would call, tunnel vision. I told her in the very beginning that it was ok that she believes what she believes and that two people could agree to disagree and still love one another. I soon realized that she didn’t believe that way. LOL! She tore Beth Moore apart to others who were signed up for the study. She looked up as much negativity on the internet that she could find, and we all know everything you read on the internet is true, and she gave it to those that would listen. During the course of a year she ignored me as if I were non-existent.

    I could have easily treated her the way she treated me, but that’s just not in my nature. I treated her like I normally did, saying hello and giving her hugs even when she pushed me away numerous times. Rejection was continuous on her part. Although she hurt me I simply didn’t have it in my heart to reciprocate the actions. While she was doing what she could to turn people against me, for doing a Bible study, I knew something she didn’t. I knew that when I get to Heaven and I’m before God He’s not going to be asking me why I tore apart one of His daughters who has brought thousands of hearts to Him through Bible studies that were truly focused on Him. He’ll be asking her that. He won’t be asking me why I treated one of my friends terribly and didn’t show His love. He’ll be asking her that.

    Yes, I’ve learned first hand that the enemy will try to divide and destroy anything that glorifies our God. The enemy knows that these studies are effective and get to the hearts of many women and it makes him quite irritated. He will use anything or anyone to try to put a wrench in the works and that includes someone trying to stop a Bible study. The Bible study went awesome, by the way. Many hearts were rejuvenated and one of the many is now a daughter of Christ, Hallelujah! That’s just how God works. He used one of His daughters to write studies that bring women together to learn more about Him and to receive salvation.

    Although we may have issues with friends or family members or co- workers or even church members, we must always remember what Ephesians 6:12 says about our struggle not being against the flesh and blood but against the powers of this dark world. And that we are to never stop praying for those individuals who mistreat us, even if it’s over a Bible study!

  4. Wow. Sounds like this woman had a personal issue with Beth Moore, not a Scriptural one. You handled it beautifully without resorting to antics or drama. I am sure being Beth Moore is quite the challenge and everyday she likely faces new ones that we cannot even imagine. The Lord seems to have blessed her with a beautiful family–something I am sure she surrounds herself with and cherishes when the world is cruel. That and the faithfulness of Christ. She goes where most of us are simply too chicken to go.

    • If what you are doing doesn’t trigger a backlash from the Enemy, then you should question if this is what God wants you to be doing. Yes, Beth Moore is a brave soul! Not many of us could take much of what she has probably been the target of. (I secretly want to be her.)

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