Gather the Moments of Your Life

Gather the moments of your life.


I mean this literally. Find something to gather with. I have so many gardening baskets, I’ll use one of those. For you, maybe it’s a tailgate basket. Or a big, beach bag. Or a grocery bag. It doesn’t matter. Take something, because this is important. It is important because it is your life, and it tells a story. I want you to see your beautiful story. I want you to see how beautiful you are. So, take whatever it is, and grab a notepad.

Walk through your home. What do you see? Pictures, books, journals, toys, a table, a chair? Notice it all. Pick it up, examine it. Let your mind go back to the day of significance. Open up photo journals, written journals. Read them again. Visit the places in your pictures one more time. Explore your life. And don’t forget your dreams. The ones that came true and the ones that didn’t.

Write the moments down. Or draw. Or scribble. This is important because you are important. Did you know that? That you have not been forgotten? I want to say this to you, you are not forgotten.

You matter. Write that down. Gather the importance of you.

Don’t censor this exercise. Fill the bag full of the moments encapsulated in pictures and memories and furniture and streets and toys and dishes and, oh, all of it. Tear each scribbled down moment off, and place it in your bag. And not just THAT moment. Don’t separate the magnificent from the mundane or the horrific from the glorious.


My boss was the captain of Duke University’s football team during his college years. So, he should gather that, you’re thinking. Absolutely.  It counts because it is accomplishment, dedication, and hard work. Time invested. Gather it. Be thankful. Be proud.

But, gather these moments, too.

My College Son drives a local lady once a week to do errands. He doesn’t have time. College is consuming, Then there’s his job at the grocery store and his girlfriend. “Who else will do it, Mom, if I don’t?” I shrug. I see them sometimes, in his old Ford Escort. That goes in my moment’s basket. I hope it will go in his one day.

One of my moments is a coffee cup, a table and a Bible.

FullSizeRender (6)

Another moment is Jekyll Island. 608








Gather the tragedies. None of us are without them. There are no words for some of this called life. Just tears. Maybe that slip of paper is just wet with tears. Place it in the bag.

Gather the sacred and the scared. See the letters? Not so different.

Gather the mundane.  You think only the exciting, the highlights, the obituary stuff counts as gathering material? Gather the everyday. Gather the days the unproductive days, the listless days, the bored, restless, aggravated days. The what’s for supper, piles of laundry, and dirty bathroom days.


I’ll gather family too.


Do this now, before the new year rolls in and you are examining your life under the lens of what’s not right. The lens of what needs doing, improving, and changing. Before the New Year’s resolutions, gather. Sit in the quiet of Advent, waiting and gathering.

Then, take those pieces of paper, written on, drawn on, scribbled on, laughed over, cried over, so hard to write, so wonderful to write, and place them all on a table. See the puzzle? The pieces of your life? See how beautifully they all fit together? See the perfect magic of each one? See the wonder and the see the sadness? Bring their torn, scared edges together. and like a puzzle, let them create a picture. Let them touch. Read the words as the journey of your life.

Read the story of your life.

Go gather, friend.



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