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Big-People Jobs and Devils

I need to find a woman named Sheila and say, hey, thanks for all the truisms. She came through again this week.

I was panicking over the fact that I still have absolutely no plan for my life and should probably come up with one. (This is a regular on my panic list.) I was contemplating applying for a big-people job (regular hours, regular pay, air conditioning, french manicures, benefits, etc.) but the potential place of employment is known for its bad politics and a chick that is simultaneously powerful,  power crazy, and just plain crazy.

I’m gabbing away to my friend, Jen, about this potential big-people, albeit disastrous job, and she quotes Sheila. (Sheila is Jen’s friend. We’ve never met, but I love how women know each without knowing each other because we’re friends with each other’s friends.)

Anyway, here’s Sheila’s quote. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

My, my.

That one fits right up there with the grass being greener. Oh, the applications.

Because the devils are mine. The one I know and the one I don’t know. They’re a part of myself that is just as cra cra as the power hungry chick, and they’ve had a recent field day with me over the big-people job and my reluctance to go for it.

  • You’re afraid of that woman. Yes, I am. Everyone is. It is right to be so.
  • You’re afraid of change. You betcha. I’ve had enough change in the last decade to, well, last.
  • You’re afraid you aren’t smart enough. I am smart, but smart enough? I don’t know. 
  • You’re afraid someone will find out you aren’t who you say you are. Surely to the Lord everyone already knows that, don’t they? 

I leave my devils to their conversation. It’s not a new one, anyway.

I decide I don’t want the job because, air conditioning and all that, I’m not ready for change. It’s good to have an actual reason when not going for french manicures and health insurance because the devils can make me doubt myself, cause me to wonder if my decisions are based on how the wind blows.

I give myself permission to skip the big-people job and go home, where I’m the only crazy woman in residence. I decide that conquering my devils is befriending my devils, both those known and those unknown. It’s like the monster in the closet. When you turn the light on, you discover it’s only your shadow.



6 thoughts on “Big-People Jobs and Devils

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blogs Cinthia! Do the NEW-PEOPLE job that you LOVE. Your self actualization is fun..fun..fun.

  2. I don’t think you give yourself nearly enough credit. What is the worst that could happen? You get the job, you hate it, you quit. Or…. You get the job, you realize you are great at it and you enjoy the heck out of it. Why should you let “that woman” stand in your way. Or if you aren’t ready for a new adventure, wait until you are. Keep us posted!

    • Suzanne, Thank you for the words of encouragement. I fear I am just not ready for another adventure yet. It’s been a crazy decade (I’m sure you know!) with more changes than I’d like. Which has me thinking of a whole other blog now, because sometimes life doesn’t wait for us to be ready for the next adventure. It just takes us on one! I should come hang out with you a bit, and catch some of that adventuresome spirit of your’s. I’ve been reading your blog and am so excited for all the fun things happening in your life now. When do we get to see pictures of the house and progress? Or did I miss that?

  3. I love the last two lines:” It’s like the monster in the closet. When you turn the light on, you discover it’s only your shadow.” Oh my how we scare ourselves to death and it’s us, not anything else! What’s with all the lies we believe? Just paper tigers. xoxo

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