About Cinthia


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A moment of rare peace. Sitting in the garden instead of working in the garden.

My name is Cinthia Milner. I’m a horticulturist.

I work in a charming, garden retail center as the garden coach. About a billion times a week, someone says, wow you have the coolest job ever, and, I actually do.

Surrounded by beautiful and unusual plants, while being creative, and helping others be creative too, is not a bad gig. I seriously love what I do.

I live in Brevard, North Carolina about two seconds from the Pisgah National Forest, which is a rain forest, and so yes, it rains a lot here. It is raining now. But, it makes for a heck of a place to garden, something I never really stop doing. Plants are characters in my life complete with personalities, opinions, and winning smiles. I know more plants than I do people.


I’m also a writer. And, you’d think, what with the cool job, and living in a rain forest, and basically always messing with plants, that I’d write about gardening. Well, I don’t, at least not all of the time. I write about life.

Admittedly, not as charming as the garden, where it’s easy to forget that life is messy, and believe it’s all lovely plants and tea parties. But, life is messy and wonderful and complex–you already know that. Seems life can be one big adjustment. Like plants, we’re often uprooted and transplanted. But, still blooming? Hopefully.

Friendships, families, jobs, homes, health…it all changes. And, so do we. I have a lot to say about faith, dogs, cats, staying at home, Starbucks, tea, sisters, friends, the right pair of boots, and yes, often, the garden. But, be forewarned, being a hort gal doesn’t translate to knowledge about food or entertaining. I have absolutely nothing to say about either, and that’s a good thing.

My kids show up regularly in posts because they are as great as the plants I love– 2 boys, 2 daughters-in-law, 3 grandgirls, 1 grandboy.


Finally, I am a blessed to know Christ. What a relief it is: Grace.

So, please join me on the journey, and feel free to leave comments. I love chatting as much as I love gardening. The older I get the less I want serious conversation (though some of my posts are very serious indeed), and the more I want tea and simple talk. Both good for my soul.