The Gardener is Thankful for the Gardeners

I rent a little brick rancher.

It’s a lovely little home and I am very happy here, sans the garden. As a horticulturist, I love to garden but I am limited in a rental. The owner appreciate my efforts but doesn’t want a complete redo or something the next renter may not understand or want to maintain. I get that but it leaves a hole in this gardener’s heart.

That’s how I learned to appreciate parks.  Aggie and I walk in Silvermont Park. It’s a couple of blocks from my rental home. It took us awhile to discover it because I thought it was just a big, old house. But, one day we went exploring and found a vegetable garden, woodland garden, butterfly garden, shade garden, native garden, and walking paths. Even free doggie bags (I make good use of those).

There is always something in bloom, little surprises tucked around corners, and quiet spaces for reflecting. I am forever grateful to the crew of Master Gardeners I often see there. They are volunteering their time and efforts to plant, prune, transplant, divide, cut back, cut down, weed, design, water, the list and the work goes on. I’ve even seen them teaching the elementary school kids about the bees they keep there, staging open house days, and pumpkin patch sales.

The building is for senior citizen activities. There’s a small playground for kids, a basketball court for the teens, and a tennis court where people get private lessons, and I am completely convinced that one day I will sign up for those lessons.

But mostly, Aggie and I revel in the plants we miss in our rental yard, and the quiet of woodland paths and benches tucked away for Sunday afternoons. I found this place one January morning and rarely miss a weekend stroll there with Aggie. We take time to examine every nook and cranny, trying not to miss anything, and weekdays it is our morning walk before the day begins.

Silvermont is my solace in a world too big for a gardener. It is my secret haven, just two blocks up and one block over. It is what I look forward to on Sunday afternoons, balancing book, coffee, camera and Aggie’s leash. Hours are spent there literally thinking of nothing, or clicking away with my camera.

Check it out.  And a big thank you to all those people who help create this space for my dog and I. A gardener without a garden appreciates it indeed.


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