Looking for Home at Downtown Abbey

So, here’s my new blog. Since I hate the whole design aspect of blogging and really only like the writing part, I left it exactly as the WordPress folks gave it to me. After about 30 seconds of serious “design thought” on my part, and trying to navigate through the “themes” and “backgrounds” available, I gave up and started writing.

If you have followed my other blog, South Turkey Creek Notes, you’ll know that I left the farm almost exactly a year ago–at the insistence of the ex who now resides there with the new mistress of the manor–and moved about an hour away. Since then, my foremost thought (aside from wondering when I will EVER LOSE these stupid ten pounds) has been, “Where’s home now?” A very potent question and one I have not answered as of yet. Hence the name of the new blog. I am nothing if not original.

That’s why I kept the picture (header) that came with the blog address. If I am looking for a new home, why not something akin to Downtown Abbey? Preferably without that awful O’Brien woman or Mary who just can’t seem to be nice to Edith no matter how well her world is going. I admit to being smitten with the show, having caught up on all three seasons on my Kindle. Everyone wants their own tribe and Downtown Abbey captures that need for kinfolk, whether they be servants or Her Ladyship. I’ll go for a walk and find myself wishing I had an Anna that I could confide in, or a Dowager that could impart wisdom to my circumstances (love how she handled Ethel’s dour situation), or a Carson to tell me I am his favorite. That show works because under one very big roof there is a community of people who love, support, comfort and confide in one another. And, they do it with impeccable manners and fantastic clothing.

So, I’m looking for a home. The old one is gone, along with its gardens and old logging roads that I spent hours walking on, and I have no idea where the new one will be, but I might as well dream of Downtown Abbey while I search.